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BeWellEDU is my Innovator project for Google for Education.  With this project, I hope to help educators find a way to share their stories for seeking or maintaining wellness in their teaching year.  As a former classroom teacher, I found it increasingly difficult to maintain a certain balance and state of mind with every year that passed.  So many teachers and educators around me were burning out, and as much as myself and my friends tried to stay healthy, it was tough.  When a friend and colleague lost his life due to depression, I decided to change my Innovator project to something that would help my fellow educators around the world.  I hope that we can create a community of trust and sharing in order to BE WELL.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you will share.  It can be a tip, a hack, a funny story from your classroom because it made you smile - anything that will help others to BE WELL.