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Christmas Mindfulness Challenge

On Twitter recently, I ran across a tweet with a link to a "Christmas Mindfulness Challenge".  What a brilliant idea!  Upon looking at the website (linked here), I noticed that the challenge is from last year.  Every day in December of 2016, @Ed_Tmprince posted a challenge for mindfulness.

I love this idea because at this time of year, educators can get so stressed out with bringing things to a close before the much anticipated Christmas holiday/break.  Tammie's challenge reminds us to just chill out and focus on what matters in life.

She reminds us, literally, to breathe.  Instead of getting frustrated because little Johnny's parents forgot to email you that he was leaving school a week before holidays, and they want all of his homework NOW, the Christmas mindfulness challenge will ask you to take a moment for peace of mind.
I also love that Tammie challenges us to do something for ourselves.  I did just that recently when I was Christmas shopping with my daughter, …

To All You Working Women in Education! #LetGo

I ran across this video today on Facebook, and it struck a chord.  These are beautiful, older women with a powerful message.

Today's women pride themselves on being able to hold a job, have a family, friends and if dedicated enough, a workout schedule.  It seems that the "busy" syndrome is something that is fashionable to be.  I love how the women in this video talk about pressure and perfection.  These are two words synonymous with women in their twenties and thirties today.  Young moms strive to "do it all", but at what price?

I was one of those moms - working in the classroom day in, day out, and coaching volleyball for three months of the year.  My schedule was chaotic, but I was determined to not let it get me down.  I had a young family at home, a husband who also had a busy schedule and relied HEAVILY on before and after care at my girls' schools.  It seemed that every year the insanity increased and the pressure to keep up was directly proportional…

Serenity Now

"Serenity Now" - how many people remember that phrase from Seinfeld?  
This time of year, teachers in many places are wrapped up and embroiled in report card time.  It is such a stressful time of year for educators as they work to gather anecdotals, behavioural comments, and think about students and their achievements or struggles academically.  Some schools are graced with the simplicity of a small comment or no comments, and others are tasked with writing a paragraph, or even being inauthentic because they have to use a comment BANK!  No matter how big or how small, the stress of getting comments done is to some people, unbearable.

Take a moment to pour yourself a hot cup of tea, or if you are at home, a soothing glass of wine.  Sit down, put your feet up and breathe.  It will all be alright. Don't let it overcome you.  Your mental health and wellness isn't worth it.  Take time for you and do what you need to do to be balanced and in check.  
Get prope…