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What Makes You Happy?

I have spent far too much time away from blogging for BeWellEDU, but it's time for me to make this a priority again.

This is my beautiful daughter, Ava.  She is on the verge of so many changes in her life - she turns 13 in April, and she is in her first year of junior high.  She makes me happy.  She also inspired this post.  Recently, she was texting with a boy and she showed me the texts, at one point she asked him, "What makes you happy?"  He responded by saying that nobody had ever asked him that.  I felt both proud, and sad.  We all should have someone ask us that and mean it.  I was proud that she was truly interested in the answer, and she made him feel good and likely put a smile on his face.  He went on to respond with a list of things, and then asked her for her list.  What a great little conversation for two 12 year olds. 

She makes me happy.

What makes you happy?
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Desk De-Stress

I have recently been thinking about small things a person can do to de-stress and/or meditate while at their desk.  Many of us sit at a desk for prolonged periods of time for our work, and often it is hard to get out and get active midday when we are buried in a project or deadlines. 

I was searching online and found a few things that would be great and easy to do.  Blogs these are taken from are credited at the end of this post.

1. The biggest and most important thing for me to remember while I work is to have good posture.  When I first started working from home, I noticed by back was really achy after a few days.  I realized that it was because of how I was sitting at my desk.  I was slumping and curving my back.  It is so important to be aware of your posture, so adjusting your chair and keyboard are two good ways to improve this.

2. I have found that my mind is well when I have a clean space.  Another point in a blog I read reinforces this.  A clear space leads to a clear mind an…

Insightful Read on How to Live an Authentic Life - My Thoughts

Today a colleague of mine posted this to our Slack chat.

What a great read on being present, being authentic and remembering what is most important in your life.

The question is posed in the beginning, "How can you learn to truly use the time you have, so that looking back each day you will be proud of who you were and how you lived?"  So often people are living their life too quickly, buzzing about from activity to activity never really taking the time to consider the WHY behind decisions they are making.

The author of this reading, Benjamin P. Hardy takes a 6 point approach, and with each point provides an insightful quote related to his subtopic:

Be Where You Are: In Mind And Body .   “Wherever you are, make sure you’re there.” — Dan Sullivan
My takeaway from reading this is to be PRESENT in all that we do.  I love that he puts it so simply, "If you’re doing the dishes, do the dishes."  That's authentic in every move you make in life, in every deci…

Christmas Mindfulness Challenge

On Twitter recently, I ran across a tweet with a link to a "Christmas Mindfulness Challenge".  What a brilliant idea!  Upon looking at the website (linked here), I noticed that the challenge is from last year.  Every day in December of 2016, @Ed_Tmprince posted a challenge for mindfulness.

I love this idea because at this time of year, educators can get so stressed out with bringing things to a close before the much anticipated Christmas holiday/break.  Tammie's challenge reminds us to just chill out and focus on what matters in life.

She reminds us, literally, to breathe.  Instead of getting frustrated because little Johnny's parents forgot to email you that he was leaving school a week before holidays, and they want all of his homework NOW, the Christmas mindfulness challenge will ask you to take a moment for peace of mind.
I also love that Tammie challenges us to do something for ourselves.  I did just that recently when I was Christmas shopping with my daughter, …

To All You Working Women in Education! #LetGo

I ran across this video today on Facebook, and it struck a chord.  These are beautiful, older women with a powerful message.

Today's women pride themselves on being able to hold a job, have a family, friends and if dedicated enough, a workout schedule.  It seems that the "busy" syndrome is something that is fashionable to be.  I love how the women in this video talk about pressure and perfection.  These are two words synonymous with women in their twenties and thirties today.  Young moms strive to "do it all", but at what price?

I was one of those moms - working in the classroom day in, day out, and coaching volleyball for three months of the year.  My schedule was chaotic, but I was determined to not let it get me down.  I had a young family at home, a husband who also had a busy schedule and relied HEAVILY on before and after care at my girls' schools.  It seemed that every year the insanity increased and the pressure to keep up was directly proportional…

Serenity Now

"Serenity Now" - how many people remember that phrase from Seinfeld?  
This time of year, teachers in many places are wrapped up and embroiled in report card time.  It is such a stressful time of year for educators as they work to gather anecdotals, behavioural comments, and think about students and their achievements or struggles academically.  Some schools are graced with the simplicity of a small comment or no comments, and others are tasked with writing a paragraph, or even being inauthentic because they have to use a comment BANK!  No matter how big or how small, the stress of getting comments done is to some people, unbearable.

Take a moment to pour yourself a hot cup of tea, or if you are at home, a soothing glass of wine.  Sit down, put your feet up and breathe.  It will all be alright. Don't let it overcome you.  Your mental health and wellness isn't worth it.  Take time for you and do what you need to do to be balanced and in check.  
Get prope…


As Thanksgiving weekend approaches here in Canada, it is natural that gratitude is on most Canadian's minds.  I for one, am no exception.  I have a lot to be grateful for this past year.  One aspect, in particular is my mental wellness and life balance.

One year ago, a spark that was within me began to grow.  One year ago, I was at Toronto at the Google offices taking part in the Google Certified Innovator Academy (

#googleEI).  The entire experience was phenomenal, but what this Academy did for me was made me realize that as much as I loved my day job, there was something else in me that I needed to nourish.

Fast forward about 6 months, and I found myself turning 39.  Heading into the final year of my thirties and doing some major reflecting.  I realized that the hectic pace I was keeping as a teacher was not good for me.  I thought about my school year, and how this year I had likely taken the most sick days I have ever taken.  I questioned if the pace of my work was worth it, as…