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Desk De-Stress

I have recently been thinking about small things a person can do to de-stress and/or meditate while at their desk.  Many of us sit at a desk for prolonged periods of time for our work, and often it is hard to get out and get active midday when we are buried in a project or deadlines. 

I was searching online and found a few things that would be great and easy to do.  Blogs these are taken from are credited at the end of this post.

1. The biggest and most important thing for me to remember while I work is to have good posture.  When I first started working from home, I noticed by back was really achy after a few days.  I realized that it was because of how I was sitting at my desk.  I was slumping and curving my back.  It is so important to be aware of your posture, so adjusting your chair and keyboard are two good ways to improve this.

2. I have found that my mind is well when I have a clean space.  Another point in a blog I read reinforces this.  A clear space leads to a clear mind and more productivity.  Organize your desk and clear away unnecessary papers and items.

3. Taking breaks and taking time to chat with someone, especially when you work from home and are alone so much like me, is essential to good mental wellness.  We can't lock ourselves up in our offices.  I used to teach and found that the most unwell I felt were those busy times of year when I stayed in my classroom and only interacted with students.  I needed adult social interaction, and even if you don't have the physical interaction around the water cooler, try to reach out through the day with colleagues or friends and family via phone or video messaging!  It will make a world of a difference for you and break up your day.

4. One of the most reflective and meditative practices I ran across was on the blog,  Natalie MacNeil suggests using a flame as a way to meditate and refocus.  Light your candle, bring the flame to eye level about a foot in . front of you, and gaze upon i for a minute or two.  Taking deep breaths, release any tension in your mind and body through each exhale.  You might find it hard to clear your mind, but as long as you focus on the flame, MacNeil says go ahead and think about your to do list, or what you need to add to that shopping list.  The idea is to focus on the flame and breathe.

Of course, the best course of action according to science and Dan Pink's "Pinkcast 2.21" is to get outside, detach from work completely, socialize, get active - whether it is for two minutes or a half hour. 

Don't let yourself get burnt out or stressed, do what you can to maintain wellness.  BeWellEDU.

Blog post credits for the above inspiration come from:
1. "3 Meditations You Can Do at Your Desk to Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity" by Natalie MacNeil.
2. "10 Desk De-Stressers That You Should Do Today" by PM Falcone


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