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Training Update: 1 Month In

I am now about a month into my half marathon training, and the kilometers are climbing!  This week is proving to be a tough one, as my muscles are quite sore, and when I run I am having trouble getting a good stride due to tense muscles.  I will, however, keep trucking along!  If I am to be brutally honest though, I am struggling with a cold right now, and I am really trying hard to stick to my schedule.  It is hard when your ears are plugged, nose is running and chest hurst to say, "Let's go run a few kms!".  I am doing it though, and I am proud of myself for that. 

My husband is also training for the same half marathon, and together we are reminding each other to run and stick to the schedule.  We are four weeks in and haven't missed a run!  With two months to go, and our long runs starting to increase to some long distances, we are heading into a tough couple of weeks.  I know we can do this.  We are met with obstacles everyday, whether it be naysayers and doubters, or just the rigorous schedule of having two girls in activities almost every day of the week and having to run them around - we are making it happen.  I run when I take Rowan to rugby, and Greg will run while Ava is at taekwondo.  I have also joined a self-defense and women's empowerment course with Ava.  That begins in October!

I absolutely hate running - I do.  This is a huge goal for me, and when I complete it, I am going to be so damn proud of myself.  This is a big push to improve my health, my endurance and my overall wellness.  Both physical and mental wellness is so important, and the improvement I have seen in my moods and energy due to regular runs is noticeable.  It is that alone that keeps me going - I like feeling good! 




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